8 Time-Saving Tips for Your Next Business Trip

Simplify your next business trip with these time-saving and sanity-saving travel tips.
Simplify your next business trip with these time-saving and sanity-saving travel tips.
Simplify your next business trip with these time-saving and sanity-saving travel tips.
Simplify your next business trip with these time-saving and sanity-saving travel tips.

Holidays, as we all know, can get very expensive. You’ve got the flights and taxi rides, accommodation, souvenirs, and then added to that all the dining out, (and perhaps partying)! You can definitely see how it’s easy to end up spending more than you bargained for whilst on your overseas jaunt. Luckily, for those of us on a budget, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks to make your holiday that much more affordable. From learning to haggle to making sure you book flights on cheaper days of the week, the below travel hacks are easy and will help you enjoy a cheaper trip…

Travel during off-seasons. You can save a whole ton of money simply by booking your holiday one month later than the crowd. Flights, and in some cases accommodation, will be discounted. Plus, there will be more room by the hotel pool as your resort is likely to be way less crowded.

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1. Double up on device chargers.

An Anker's charger
An Anker’s charger

Unplugging and packing your nightstand device chargers is cumbersome (especially if the cords are strategically hidden). Purchase extra chargers for your travel electronics–phone, wearable, laptop, etc.–to ensure you don’t ever forget them and to save you time on disconnecting and reconnecting for every trip.

2. Invest in a travel power strip.

Having a compact power strip turns one outlet into four, saving you time and the hassle of moving hotel furniture around to find extra outlets.

3. Pre-pack a toiletry kit.

A pre-packed toiletry bag
A pre-packed toiletry bag

Packing and repacking a toiletry kit is a big time waster. Purchase all the necessary travel toiletries–toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.–ahead of time and pack them into a toiletry kit that is to be used for travel only. Then simply replace or replenish the items as needed.

4. Predetermine a travel uniform.

For the frequent traveler, picking travel attire can be time-consuming and tiresome. Predetermine the attire you’ll wear during travel–strike the right balance between functionality and professionalism. For example, I wear the same shoes, jeans, and cycle through the same 4-5 dress shirts that are exclusively for travel days. A sweater and/or jacket is added to the uniform depending on the destination’s climate.

5. Hydrate in the hotel gym.

Staying hydrated while traveling is critical. However, finding bottled water at a hotel can be inconvenient and costly–$6 for a pre-stocked bottle in your room. Bring a water bottle or reuse a bottle that you bought during your travels and head to the hotel gym where there is typically a water cooler.

6. Replace ironing with a hot shower.

Hang any clothes that got wrinkled during the trip in the bathroom. Start the shower, put the water on hot, and ensure the bathroom door is closed. Once the bathroom is full of steam, it will take about 15 minutes to get rid of the wrinkles. In order to not waste water, use this method while you’re actually taking a shower.

7. Download a white noise app.

Hotel neighbors being noisy or hotel too close to the highway? Use a “white noise” app (such as the SleepFan) to drown out the excess noise so you can get a full night’s rest.

8. Carry a car mount smartphone holder.

If you’re renting a car on your travels, be sure to have a small air vent car mount smartphone holder with you to make following road directions a breeze and your travels much safer.